Software engineering traineeship

Software engineering traineeship

We're a product studio

We love turning ideas into digital products. Our mission as a company is to build a portfolio of lovable products and is underpinned by a culture of innovation and pure craftsmanship.

About our traineeship: software engineering (Node / TS)

Software engineers are an essential part of our portfolio growth and we want to provide young talents a platform to become the product leaders of the future. You will be supported with a trajectory tailor-made to convert your academic knowledge into domain expertise. You will learn to adopt a product mindset, keeping an end-user focus and work in a team. This program is designed to support you in your journey towards becoming a software engineering expert.

Who you are
  • You have a higher education degree in Computer Science or Applied Informatics (or a closely related field)
  • You have a broad understanding of the possibilities and limitations of web technologies
  • You are intrigued by the world of digital products and believe in the value that you can deliver to end-users
  • You are curious about the world of data engineering
What you'll be doing
  • Draw up and interpret future-proof data models and application architectures
  • Build APIs based on modern programming languages/frameworks
  • Write automated unit and integration tests
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Turn user stories into functioning software in close cooperation with our frontend engineers
Technologies you will be using
  • Node.js and .NET
  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • React

We love to work with the newest technologies.

We offer

Money and holidays. So that you can move out of your parents' house comfortably and have plenty of time for side projects.

An inspiring workplace and learning environment where you'll be challenged to solve complex software problems. You will be surrounded by strong software engineers to help you out anytime you need. If all this wasn't enough, we'll also throw in office snacks, health insurance, an office in the "manhattan of Leuven" as well as regular company events and afterwork drinks!

Above all, we provide a product culture where your passion can thrive.

How your first year looks like

All our Panenco academy ultimately built their own path, but we do want to give you a glimpse of how your first year would look like:

First year at Panenco


Leuven, Belgium

Address: Hyphen One - Kolonel Begaultlaan 1A/51, 3012 Leuven

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