Career Corner successfully launched to 8.000+ students!

In February of 2016, the KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business launched Career Corner, a joint initiative between the faculty and its student societies. The aim of Career Corner is to provide an integrated platform that brings together Young Potentials and Employers across campuses all over Flanders.

We were the proud (exclusive) strategic, design & development partner for this initiative! In this article, we’d like to give some info about our involvement in the process, and provide some additional insight into the reason of being for the platform.

Our young potentials, your future talent

Over a number of years, the KU Leuven has searched for a proper way to guide its students towards the job market. This guidance consists of many different aspects: actively encouraging students to do an internship during the summer period, streamlining the jobfair offering, promoting events hosted by renowned companies and potential employers, etc. There is a long-established offline offering from student organisations, faculty and 3rd parties, but it has been clear for a while that existing online initiatives were limited in terms of functionality, popularity or just improperly aligned with all parties involved. Enter Career Corner!

The platform provides 2 main areas. One for Employers and one for Young Potentials.


Corporates who are interested in recruiting these bright young minds right out of university now finally get a clear overview of the ways they can reach their target audience. This can be via online vacancies, offline campus events, guest lectures, having a stand at a job fair, and much more. For every possible touchpoint, it is indicated who they should get in touch with and what the possible ways of collaboration are.

A number of years ago, the KU Leuven integrated campuses all over Belgium into its organisation. Career Corner serves as a backbone for career services at the faculty to guarantee the same type of offering on all campuses.

After signing up and creating a free account, the employer can invite colleagues to jointly manage the corporate account and the admins can create unlimited vacancies. The vacancies provide very specific information for the target audience. The employer can select its preferred study profile, they can present their offering, explain the possible ways for applying, and attach predefined sectors to the vacancy. All of these sectors are (once again) specific to possible career gateways for students at this faculty.

After signing up and creating a free account, the employer can invite colleagues to jointly manage the corporate account and the admins can create unlimited vacancies.

All in all? It has never been more clear to an employer how to reach these much desired Young Potentials. The outcome will undoubtedly be a more vibrant corporate presence on campus, which will be beneficial for everyone.

    The options for employers are defined as follows:

  • Facts & figures
  • Recruitment
  • Internships and Business projects
  • Student Consulting
  • Student Entrepreneurship
  • Research & chairs

4 months after initial launch, the platform has reached over 300 unique employers who created 400+ vacancies

Young Potentials

The FEB counts around 8.000 students across its campuses. The aim is to get each and every one of them on-boarded onto the platform in a short time period, and actively engage them with appropriate content throughout.

    What will students or young graduates get out of it? A proper offering of:

  • Career events (workshops, job fairs, lectures, skills programs, company presentations etc)
  • Vacancies that can be filtered by sector (finance, accounting, logistics, IT, and more) or by type of job (full-time or internship)
  • A personal identity portfolio

Now let me expand just a bit on this last part. The personal portfolio is something entirely new and unique. It is aimed at students to get official accreditations from the university for the skills they attained after participating in events (workshops, entrepreneurial ventures, participation in student life, debating competitions, etc). How can we make this concrete?

For example, I attend an afternoon workshop Project Management given by McKinsey strategy consulting....

For example, I attend an afternoon workshop Project Management given by McKinsey strategy consulting. I participate actively and I learn about the ins and outs of dealing with large scale projects in multinational organisations. Afterwards, my attendance will be registered and I can request an official accreditation from the alma mater for the 3 following skills: ‘Project and Task Management’, ‘Teamwork and Collaboration’ and ‘Creativity and Individual Innovativeness’. This request will then be presented to the official accreditor from the university and once it gets approved, it will be added as an addendum to my diploma at the end of my study period.

The general idea is to officially acknowledge and stimulate extracurricular activity.

The Young Potential section of the platform is broken down into these official information categories:

  • Define your talents
  • Explore your options
  • Develop your skills
  • Make it happen
  • Stay tuned

These steps take any student or young graduate from start to finish in the job hunting process.

Our involvement

For this project, there were 3 major phases:


  • We started from a 30 page paper containing the general outline for the platform (many new 30 page papers followed later on ;-))
  • About a billion use case definitions and iterative wireframing lead us to a first mockup version of the system that got all parties aligned
  • We created a design to lay on top and give the site the right look & feel


  • We created an all-inclusive data model, which went back and forth between the faculty and ourselves to get the smallest details right
  • 5 intense months of development followed. Heaps and heaps of code were produced
  • Github got overloaded with commits and branches, but the engineering team enjoyed it to the fullest


  • After a very successful launch, we’ve now reached the growth stage. Day after day the signup numbers are increasing and the visitor numbers are going through the roof!
  • Excited to see where these numbers will end up. We’re looking forward to see some usage patterns evolve and learn from those insights to iterate and grow the platform ever further.

Oh yes, we worked our asses off, but the results are spectacular, so what the heck ;-) Student life at the faculty of Economics and Business will be much better off for years to come, and we’re proud to have made this significant contribution to it!

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