The world has seen the following consecutive digital evolutions:

Proprietary database applications

Closed-off, vertically integrated software systems that can be tailored to individual organisations. Proprietary hosting on company servers.

Software packages

Generic software systems available for purchase by the masses. Customisations are possible but require bringing in very specific consulting and expertise.

SaaS products in an API ecosystem

Smaller chunks of very specific functionality. Integration with other vendors via API. (examples: Mailchimp, Stripe, etc). Hosting and maintenance is provided by the SaaS vendor.

SaaS ecosystems

When SaaS products start serving as ecosystems that can facilitate other apps. (examples: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics). Hosting and API services are done either by the SaaS provider or the app-builder.

Up next... The age of digital intelligence...

We are currently focusing on 4 key areas where we believe the difference will be made in the near future for organisations who want to stand out in a digital world. We see these areas as the logical next steps in the world's digital advancement.


Bots are the ideal interface to fuse human interaction with algorithmic decisions. In an API ecosystem, there's a variety of tools and the data remains synchronised, but people tend to get oversaturated with too many interfaces to consult. We're getting used to pro-active interactions with the tools we use and love today. Bots are the missing link in order to create an environment in which one can perfectly streamline human2human and human2computer interactions.

Machine Learning

There's a wonderful ecosystem of APIs that are offered that provide very specific machine intelligence. We continue to explore best practices in the fields of natural language processing, speech recognition, automated translations and so much more. The art of today's software development is no longer to reinvent any wheel, but to bring together the right pieces of existing logic.

Internet of Things

Connected things: all devices are getting connected to the internet. There's a tremendous world of opportunity once you can start using the data from the objects around you. We rely on the Google IoT Core (part of the Google Cloud product suite) to build proof-of-concept dashboards that collect information from all around users in a B2B environment. We strongly believe that the business world has yet to start exploring the potential of data collection from connected devices. We're a strategic partner as well as a full-service implementation provider.

Artificial intelligence

At this stage, tools and algorithms in our API ecosystem will start taking their own decisions. This is the stage where we need to design an optimal human-computer interaction. AI is an incredible area of growth and carries tremendous efficiency improvement promises, but the concrete use cases for everyday use are still limited. We're committed to surf this wave all the way through because we see it as the ultimate combination of all previous technological trends