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We partner with industry experts, research units, ambitious corporates, scale-ups and others alike. We love to go the distance from a complex problem statement towards product-market fit.

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Types of partnerships

We partner with companies, industry experts, researchers and entrepreneurs.

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The created intellectual property will integrally belong to you

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We deploy our operating model for your product.

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We allocate seed capital in return for a piece of the equity and IP.

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We jointly venture towards product-market fit.

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We take full care of the product and software.

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We own 100% of the IP and take the entrepreunerial risk.

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As a partner, you take the commitment of licensing the product.

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You are customer #1!

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Don’t just take our word for it

QIT started as a research-driven project. On top of our expertise in the mental health industry, Panenco brought all the product knowledge to the table to accelerate product development and growth.

As the professional relationship intensified, we decided to structurally partner up with Panenco by means of a capital investment from the Panenco Group. We’ve been growing ever since.

Nele Stinckens,


QIT online

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