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To strengthen the craft of psychological care with innovative technology.
Psychotherapy is known to be one of the most underserved domains when it comes to digital offerings. Our challenge? To improve the quality of mental health care by means of an end-to-end workflow solution, focused around treatment pathways consisting of various treatment activities.

We structurally partnered up with Nele Stinckens, building on her academic track record and clinical experience.

We opted for SaaS product principles with a low-entry business model.

Product definition

Unifying product perspectives
Building the right product for the right target audience with a sustainable revenue model
Psychotherapists and their patients have a unique primary relationship, which heavily relies on a personal connection and mostly real-life interactions. We decided to build a complementary digital environment in which both the therapist and the patient can safely interact with each other.
The ambition from day one was to improve the therapeutic relationship between therapists and patients. We decided to target a large user base of individual practitioners, group practices and hospitals with a low-barrier solution that can be used out of the box. For the business model we decided on a fixed monthly subscription formula with an additional variable cost per patient file.
We opted for a SaaS model on DigitalOcean infrastructure. We set up an agile software delivery process. On a sprint-by-sprint basis we continue to define, design and develop user stories that turn into shippable product increments.
We determined an approach that assumes a strong blend of the real world and digital solutions. We make sure to put the right tools and diagnostic instruments in the hands of therapists to assist them alongside existing day-to-day activities.

Product development

Company journey
From scientific research to technology scale-up
Scientific foundations
Prof. Nele Stinckens turning years of academia into an automated research concept
Exploring how patient feedback mechanisms can help to improve the therapeutic relationship. Combining theoretical and clinical experience to determine optimal treatment pathways.
Vlaio supports QIT through a research grant
Refinement of the research methodology and monitoring of the outcomes
The Flemish agency for innovation and entrepreneurship, Vlaio, supported QIT with a research subsidy. The funds were leveraged to create an initial minimum viable product to start validating the base product assumptions.
Seed funding - structural partnership
After years of close cooperation, the Panenco Group lead a capital investment round
As the professional relationship intensified throughout the product development trajectory QIT and Panenco decided to structurally partner up by means of a capital investment from the Panenco Group.
QIT 3.0 is launched
The all-new product version, built with scale in mind
Early on in 2020, when Covid was turning out to be the greatest digital facilitator imaginable, we were ready with the fully renewed product architecture and feature set. Version 3.0 successfully launched and captured significant interest.
SmartHub Vlaams-Brabant supports QIT
With a grant, its network and PR support
At the start of 2021 we were incredibly excited to receive the news that SmartHub Vlaams-Brabant will be supporting QIT's objectives towards blended help in psychotherapy. Read more on this link.
We were incredibly excited to launch the fully revamped version of QIT online at the start of 2020. We've welcomed thousands of users ever since with a smooth onboarding procedure, the necessary legal & operational support and many (many!) feedback interactions. This will be the surest way to keep refining the platform towards product-market-fit.

Product growth

Making QIT happen
Founder // Managing director
Co-founder // Training & development
Co-founder // Technical lead
Koen Verschooten
Panenco // Product manager
Vlad Chernii
Panenco // Front-end development lead
Oleksandr Kanskiy
Panenco // Product design lead
Valeriia Chaika
Panenco // Product designer
Bert De Koster
Panenco // Back-end developer
Sebastiaan Viaene
Panenco// Back-end development lead