Spice. Marketing agency.

Spice is a young, Belgian agency, active in the field of strategic marketing and field activations. They work for major international clients such as Unilever. We were asked by Spice to create their visual identity and develop their website. After multiple conversations about the essence of the brand, and many different design approaches, we concluded on the creation described here below.

We're convinced this branding will be an enabler for future successes and we wish Spice the best of luck throughout their growth trajectory. Are you looking for a partner to create your true visual identity? Reach out to hello@panenco.com!

The story of SPICE is a story about creating engaging stories and impactful personalized interactions with consumers, to grow brands and businesses sustainably.

Experiences is what people talk about; stories are what people remember. Engaging stories that evoque emotion, create a long lasting connection on emotional level between brand and consumer.