Staffing solutions

Agile software development requires outstanding development talent.

We work in two manners


We build teams nearshore to bridge Belgium’s digital talent gap. We provide the necessary office space, friendly working environment, general support services, visa arrangements etc. In a connected world, teams can thrive anywhere in the world.


We have an in-house army of developers, designers and analysts who are happy to support your organisation from far-far away in the wonderful grainlands of Kiev, Ukraine. We adapt to your workflow, tools and methodologies.

We facilitate Ukraine’s finest IT talent to join Belgian teams for short or long term assignments. This comes with one guarantee: all profiles that we present are well-trained, highly skilled, friendly English speakers you’ll enjoy working with.

Knowledge we carry with us at all times

A DEVOPS MINDSET: development, operations and QA go hand-in-hand.

Well-tested and documented software
Reduced time-to-market
Packaged deployment
Release automation
Configuration minimization
Application performance monitoring

A LEAN, AGILE MINDSET: software development is just as much about process as it is about coding.

Gather the right, dedicated team of like-minded and diversely skilled team members
Set up the right tooling and infrastructure for planning, reporting and communication
Everyone is in architecture mode at all times
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Software development anno 2016 is about innovation: create value by combining existing efforts to the maximum extent

A BEST-PRACTICES MINDSET: we don’t ship anything that doesn’t meet up-par coding standards.

Design patterns
Open up to the world: enable system-human and system-system interactions
High-level security

Our recruiting process



Screening for English language knowledge



45 min logical reasoning test


Technical skills

Technical programming challenge


SD Patterns

In depth assessment of software design patterns by senior developers

How our culture stands out


It’s deeply embedded into our culture that we are friendly, open-minded and outgoing. Always treating each other and our clients with the deepest possible respect and professionalism.


Code quality of the highest standards: internal reviewing mechanism & QA.


Responsiveness to questions. We answer any question within 12 hours and we foresee backup when needed during times of vacation or sick leave.


We easily adapt to various situations, settings, timings and expectations.

Join us in exploring the hidden talent and potential of the beautiful Kiev, Ukraine.

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