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About Panenco

We're a team of 40+ people that cares deeply about digital product excellence. We turn ambitious ideas into scalable products, in close cooperation and transparency with our partners and clients.

We build and manage a portfolio of products in a broad range of industries.

What drives us forward is described in this blogpost: product excellence is a winning strategy.
How we roll on a daily basis is meticulously described in this blogpost: an operating model that reflects the day-to-day realities of software delivery.

Data engineering at Panenco

In summary: we have a portfolio of 35+ digital products that we created over the last 7 years.

We're on a hunt to find undiscovered insights in the heaps of structured and unstructured data that we collect. Naturally, there are multiple dimensions to this scope:

  • Data pipelines: structuring our available data sources into a data lake that is suited for further processing and analysis.
  • Aggregated data insights through business intelligence (BI)
  • We'll be working on specific data science use cases down the line

This is a key ambition for our whole company in 2021, so we're looking for outstanding people to join our multi-product context and shape up these data science and engineering activities for years to come.

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