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We're looking for an outstanding communications manager to give both our internal and external communication an extra edge and a sustainable structure.

For the past 8 years, we've been working hard to build a purposeful product portfolio that is ending up in the hands of many 1000's of users. Our team has grown into a tight-knit group of young professionals who fundamentally care about product excellence.

Our culture has taken shape around a few pillars:
  • We think product-centric: creating value for users is the real objective
  • We act people-centric: we understand the subtleties of product delivery
  • We're in it for the long haul: there's no such thing as overnight success
You will capture and tell our many stories:
  • Our people stories: the combined hopes, dreams and personal initiatives of our teammates
  • Our product stories: the growth, milestones and impact of a scaling and purposeful portfolio
  • Our partner stories: the many people and organisations we join forces with
  • Our company story: our organic and sustainable growth trajectory, centered around talent

Our ideal communications manager can gather, shape and tell these stories both internally and externally. Without boundaries, but with a great deal of empathy towards all audiences.

Your activity set on a day-to-day basis:
  • You take part in product (roadmap) meetings to distill product stories
  • You take ownership over our company website, social pages and branding materials
  • You assist our team in writing blog posts according to jointly defined messaging tracks
  • You broadcast the proper messaging through various channels (organic/sponsored)
  • You facilitate all-hands meetings in both our locations (Leuven and Kiev)
  • You align with our designers on visual formats and guard our overall look and feel
Your ideal background:
  • You have prior experience in a marketing, communications or PR role
  • You’re an enthusiastic storyteller with natural feel for compelling copywriting and content creation
  • Prior affinity with technology is considered a big plus but not a requirement
  • Prior experience in a tech scale-up is considered a big plus
  • You want to create and release rather than report
Closing statement:

Most of all we want you to always have an open mind and make people proud of the hard work our whole team is doing on a daily basis.

Do you have the feeling you could refine the copywriting here above to better reflect our company and our philosophy? Please let us know, we're eager to get going!

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