Giving every child a chance to succeed through adaptive learning pathways


The context

Eureka is a school in Leuven serving children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia. During their 30+ years of existence, they have developed successful methodologies and tools allowing these children to successfully integrate them back into the regular educational system.

Our challenge

We partnered with Eureka to translate their educational and didactic experience into an adaptive digital platform for children aged 6-14, leveraging machine learning techniques to construct optimal education paths and tap into children’s strengths while supporting their weaknesses.

The product

We're bringing all actors relevant to a child's learning trajectory together: children, parents, teachers, speech therapists and other coaches. Rather than starting from a predefined set of learning objectives, CleverKids adapts to the actual abilities of the child making sure they will always be practicing at the correct level. Children - with or without learning disorders - are and always will be at the very center, with an adapted user experience tailored to their needs.









model questions for numerous course subjects

Following many ideation and formalization sessions, we chose Panenco as the end-to-end product development partner for the CleverKids platform. Panenco truly empathized with our ambition to spread our proven methodologies and tools across the educational system. They provided all the skills and knowhow needed to be successful in our mission.

Lucas Hermans
Lucas Hermans
Eureka Onderwijs


We shape

A learning platform for all children involving every coach relevant to the learning journey

Together with Eureka, we believe that a child's learning potential shouldn't be reduced by a learning disability. In order to help children unlock their full potential, we jointly decided to create a child friendly platform that involves all parties relevant to the learning trajectory: teachers, parents, and professionals such as speech therapists. We implemented a unique learning algorithm that allows kids to practice at their own level and keeps them motivated. It guides children safely through so-called learning lines and strategies. During the design and prototyping phase, we kept universal design for learning (UDL) principles in mind. Navigability and UX were further validated by putting the prototypes in the hands of end-users in a school environment. Our common roadmap orchestrates the software delivery process to continuously define, design and develop user stories that turn into shippable product increments.


We build

An adaptive learning environment that keeps children motivated

We set up a product development team alongside a strong product owner from Eureka. We defined a clear roadmap with intermediate milestones and we meticulously executed the software delivery operations. CleverKids is set up as a SaaS product on top of a Google Cloud infrastructure. We chose a combination of Node.js as a back-end programming language with React.js as a front-end library. Automated pipelines were set up with a high test coverage to be able to process frequent releases. We are continuously putting the right measurement instruments in place to keep our finger on the pulse concerning learning intensity and effectiveness. We guarantee high-quality software delivery to keep providing children with a better learning experience.

We build


We grow

Spreading Eureka’s validated educational experience in schools around the world

The tool has been made for Eureka Leuven in the first instance. After a successful onboarding and validation, the environment was opened up to a broader audience. The primary objective has always been to help a broad range of children with their educational path. 

Jointly with Eureka, we have identified a business model where all actors in the educational pathway can subscribe at a fair price. As CleverKids is actively going to market, we're setting up customer success activities, billing mechanisms, legal operations, and more to give the product every fighting chance to move toward product-market fit. We are always actively engaging with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to collect user feedback and provide the necessary support.

We grow


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