Do outstanding work

We bring genuinely passionate professionals together around ambitious product visions.

Employee working behind desk
Sebastiaan, Lena and Leslie pointing at TV screen at the Panenco office
Fred Versyck behind a computer
Lena, Jordi and Sebastiaan talking behind a macbook
Lena and Alina discussion while pointing to a macbook.

Meet the team

Our team members and share their experiences at Panenco
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Live your best life

The best version of you will make the biggest contributions to our portfolio
Learn from the best
We are a young and highly driven team with vast hands-on experience to tap into.
Build with pride
Life's too short to drag your feet to work. Build purposeful products that touch the lives of many.
Master your craft
Knowledge is front-and-center in our organisation. We create learning trajectories tailored to your passion.
Flex office work
We believe in a region-based approach with a flexible work from home policy yet regular meetups.

Discover our internships and traineeships

Discover Panenco academy
Interns of Panenco Academy
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