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Building an AI agent to match patients with clinical trials

Product innovation
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About our client

Curewiki is a startup that is on a mission to democratise access to clinical trials for patients worldwide through technology. hey are flipping the paradigm from research-centric recruitment to patient-centric recruitment through the power of AI. The Curewiki team came to us with bold ambitions and a full-service mandate for the digital product development operations.

The challenge

Clinical trials are based on free text input by the researchers with limited standardization in how their eligibility criteria are phrased. At the same time, specific health information from patients needs to be collected in order to match them with the right studies. Our challenge was to extract the most relevant eligibility criteria from unstructured text across (hundreds of thousands of) clinical trials and match it with the relevant health information from patients.

Our solution

We brought a dedicated product team together consisting of a product manager, designer and multiple software engineers, working closely with the Curewiki team in an effective agile delivery model. We are leveraging specialised medical LLMs to interpret the clinical trial content, while configuring the AI agent to collect the right patient health information.

With support of

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It’s remarkable how well Panenco grasped our vision and ambitions. Given that Curewiki was still in its early stages, we needed an entrepreneurial partner that could make the bridge from strategy to product delivery. That’s exactly what Panenco provided to us, in a spirit of true co-creation.

Jean-Sebastien Gosuin

Co-founder & co-CEO Curewiki

In summary

The Curewiki team is tackling an enormous global problem that only recently became feasible to solve through the advancements in the field of generative AI. It’s heartwarming for us to consider how many lives this technology will touch.

We wish the Curewiki team the very best of luck as they are driving the go-to-market of this technology. We’ll gladly keep supporting you every step of the way!

Stefanos Peros
Software engineer
Fred Versyck
Product manager

Let's build!

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Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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