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The context

Founded in 2013, DataCamp’s mission is to democratize data science education for everyone. They provide more than 10 million users and 2,500+ companies worldwide a suite of digital products to let users learn online and find jobs that match their skills. With a big part of their engineering team based in Leuven, we defined a natural partnership to work on specific product objectives.

The challenge

Over the years, DataCamp’s online learning offering and content library have grown tremendously. During this rapid growth, some web engineering dimensions with regards to SEO and navigability were underserved. The DataCamp team mapped this out functionally and technically in a detailed manner and asked us to bring a team of 7 highly qualified engineers up to speed as part of their existing technical operations.

The product

Under the guidance of a DataCamp engineering manager we improved their sitemaps, optimised the navigation menu and linked all changes to a Strapi CMS to make sure their team can continuously update the necessary pages and elements over time. This was followed by developing multiple landing pages, promotional campaigns, and improving core web vitals.



traffic increase on featured pages in month after launching improved navigation functionality


traffic increase for data science tracks in month after launching improved navigation functionality


webpages easily accessible in one click and ready for webcrawling


highly driven software engineers with eyes on delivery

In less than a month Panenco was able to setup an effective engineering team that quickly gained a solid understanding of our infrastructure, operating model and technology stack. A great combination of speed and qualitative delivery.

Peter Petermann

Engineering manager at DataCamp


Sitemap web app

Laying the groundwork for web crawlers

We kickstarted our partnership by creating a web application that automatically produces a full-blown sitemap, making sure search engines can find and crawl all of the website’s indexable pages.

A well maintained sitemap is crucial for a content-heavy platform like DataCamp to list and index all URLs from their site, manage hidden pages and assign crawl priority. Our solution is twofold:

1) An admin application allowing complete control of its content

2) A scraping service which automatically updates the sitemap with new content


Site navigation

Implementing a MegaMenu navigation model

The DataCamp design team conceptualised a new ‘MegaMenu’ navbar, enabling a better overview of their content and simultaneously improving web performance metrics. Even though the previous navigation bar only contained around 50 hyperlinks, we bundled over 300 hyperlinks into the renewed navigation structure.

We're dynamically predicting user intent based on hovering behaviour, leading to a 67% traffic increase to the featured pages in the MegaMenu within the first month after go-live.


Strapi CMS

Reducing turnaround time

In tandem with DataCamp engineers, we worked closely on the implementation of Strapi CMS. The goal is to give content creators all tools in hands to edit webpages, significantly reducing development overhead and thus turnaround time. We are currently still creating plugins and integrating Strapi across new initiatives.

Site navigation

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