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Building a self-service interface for an AI recommendation engine

Enterprise SaaS
Product innovation
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About the client

The Froomle team has been building an AI recommendation engine as-a-service for multiple years, used by large clients. They were lacking a visual interface for their clients to get insights into the configuration and monitoring of these recommendations. Froomle asked us to conceptualise and build the full self-service interface.

The challenge

Froomle needed to be able to customize the platform to meet the demands of each customer in their diverse client portfolio. Our challenge was to create an intuitive web application that could consolidate all user needs into a single self-service interface.

Our approach

In a first phase we made sure that end-users could generate personalized recommendations based on user-defined personas and sample data. In a second phase we extended the platform allowing for better brand management as well as the technical settings associated with fine-tuning the AI model's hyperparameters.

With support of

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As I previously managed our customer success activities, I was very aware of the technical and operational complexities in building the self-service portal. The Panenco team quickly grasped our objectives and was able to deliver on our expectations and way beyond.

Jonas Boonen

Head of Product at Froomle

In summary

The Froomle team approached us with clear product objectives, yet they gave us a lot of autonomy to define the most efficient way to reach those goals. Through our systematic approach, we were able to deliver beyond expectations in a shorter timeframe than initially foreseen.

We wish the whole Froomle team the very best of luck as they are a. We’ll be happy to keep supporting you in every way possible.

Fred Versyck
Product manager
Leslie Jobse
Engineering manager

Let's build!

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial digital partner?
Reach out to hello@panenco.com.

Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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