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Supporting this spin-off with cloud architecture and core product development

Product innovation
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About the client

SoundTalks is a spin-off from KU Leuven built on years of research in sound analysis and precision livestock farming. They created a hardware device to capture sensor data in pig farms and an algorithm to detect disease patters. We assisted them with the AWS cloud architecture and digital product development.

The challenge

The hardware devices capture massive amounts of data in an environment where stable internet is not guaranteed. We were tasked with bringing that data to their AWS infrastructure in a reliable way and building a software platform and user experience to bring insights and notifications to operators in the field.

Our approach

We started off with a product definition trajectory during which we mapped out the user journeys for all persona’s involved, accompanied by a cloud architecture that would be ready to handle the expected data volumes. Once this was completed, we set up a blended product team and an agile delivery culture that would allow for frequent software releases.

With support of

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Product definition

Shaping the user experience and cloud architecture

We set out on a mission to formalise the functional and architectural dimensions of the product. Actionable health insights into the hands of farmers, veterinarians and operators in the field.

Design track

We designed clickable prototypes for all desired functionalities, ranging from the floor plan configuration for the hardware devices to health insights and alerts for farmers and veterinarians through web and mobile apps.

Architecture track

In parallel to the functional requirements we assisted the SoundTalks engineering team in creating a scalable AWS architecture, ready for high data volumes and stringent security requirements.

Product development

Building the software: releasing early, often & reliably

We assisted SoundTalks in setting up a sprint-based operating model with agile routines. We structured the product development process with clear milestones, bi-weekly planning sessions, well-documented user stories and close involvement of the leadership team.

We brought a blended engineering team together with a clear mandate to build and release quickly while safeguarding product quality through extensive automated tests, monitoring tools, stress tests and other instruments in the deployment pipelines.

Foundations to scale

Supporting users worldwide

The SoundTalks product is actively being rolled out to all corners of the world. While the go-to-market and installations are taken care of by a commercial partner, we continue to support the technical operations.

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We’re active in a complex operational setting with limited internet connectivity and challenging digital adoption by our users. We found a great partner in Panenco given their deep expertise from cloud infrastructure towards end-user experiences.

Dries Berckmans

CEO SoundTalks

In summary

The SoundTalks team came to us with a challenging assignment: building the digital infrastructure to turn sensor data in pig farms into health insights.

We were able to shape the functional and architectural requirements and assist in a full-service manner with the product engineering.

We wish the whole Soundtalks team the very best of luck on their further rollout across the globe. We’re happy to keep supporting you every step of the way!

Johan Haest
Engineering manager

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Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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