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The context

Traditional procurement software solutions are mostly oriented towards large corporates, require tedious implementation trajectories and tend to be overly expensive. We partnered with Progressio, a consulting firm with over 20 years of deep industry expertise to build a pragmatic SaaS point solution for digital tendering.

The challenge

We set out on a mission to map out the core workflow and communication flow between buyers and suppliers in tendering procedures and translate it into an intuitive interface with the related business rules and scalable technical setup.

The product

Valcori is a tender management platform where buyers and companies can gather multidisciplinary teams to create and send RFI's and RFQ's, assisted by generative AI. Suppliers can digitally send their offers while the communication flow is managed through the platform. Efficient tendering with better procurement outcomes!



faster tendering


template questions


easy steps to launch a tender

With our vast experience in the procurement industry, we knew exactly what we wanted to build but not how to get there. The Panenco team served as an entrepreneurial partner throughout this whole journey from ideation towards production.

Stef Brismoutier

Managing Director at Progressio


Product definition

Shaping a frictionless procurement journey

Every company has slightly different procurement processes. Our first challenge was to identify the functional common denominators across 100+ example RFI's and RFQ's. Procurement departments don’t operate in a standalone environment. Tenders are carried out by interdisciplinary teams, intertwining finance, legal, product, engineering, and other parts of the business.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, we drew out wireframes and validated assumptions with potential users. Through those interactions, it was crystal clear our core challenge would be to turn this complex set of business processes into an intuitive user experience with connections to existing ERP and CRM systems.


Product development

Building the SaaS platform on Google Cloud Platform

We gathered a dedicated team of software engineers that focused on turning the Google Cloud Platform architecture into functioning software consisting of REST APIs and a React front-end application. We set up efficient ci/cd pipelines with extensive automated test coverage, security checks and continuous monitoring tooling to spot possible errors or performance issues proactively. We facilitated the development team to move fast under the guidance of a product manager and engineering manager. We were proud to launch the fist version of Valcori within 6 months after the initial conception.



Supporting Valcori in the commercial roll-out

Valcori is actively going to market as a B2B SaaS product targeted at mid-to-large sized companies. We are making sure that the platform has the right technical and operational foundations to scale into the millions of users. Next to continuous support with the Google Cloud infrastructure, we're helping the Valcori team in setting up a customer success model, billing operations, legal documentation and the basis for their ISMS (Information Security Management System).

We're truly proud of this product, and thankful to our partner Progressio for the productive cooperation and trust. Excited to keep shaping and building a digital future for the procurement industry.

Product development

Let's build!

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial partner to bring your digital ideas to life?Reach out at hello@panenco.com

Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
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Koen Verschooten
Operations manager
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