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Diving into 2021 with high ambitions and exciting product roadmaps

Friday, January 8, 2021
Egwin Avau
Founder & CEO

In January of 2020 we organised an offsite with our whole team where we decided on our fundamental objective for the year: broadening up our services from software engineering towards end-to-end product development, ;meaning we would start to directly engage with the end-users of our portfolio products. After all, we truly believe that an agile product team should place users on a pedestal and take product decisions based on usage and incoming feedback.

An agile product team should place users on a pedestal and take roadmap decisions based on usage and incoming feedback.

This additional focus required an extension of our delivery methodology, touching on all domains within our organisation: product strategy, design, engineering, data science, product management and growth management.

From March onwards, we decided to focus heavily on what was within our control: further strengthening our existing product portfolio while carefully selecting the next industries we would tackle. We refined our growth methodology, which is essential to cross the bridge from minimum viable product towards product-market-fit. We decided to operate less under assumptions but double down on user engagement in a broad sense. We streamlined customer success operations, standardised billing and payment mechanisms and we managed to unify the reporting mechanisms for the whole portfolio.

We can rest assured we’re doing two fundamental things right:

(1) We’re building what users are effectively waiting for

(2) We’re triggering sustained, measurable product growth

None of this would be possible without our world-class team. We were happy to welcome 12 new colleagues in the past year. We’re hiring across the board. Talented people with a product mindset will fit well into our entrepreneurial culture.

Earlier last year we wrote a blog post titled product excellence is a winning strategy that highlights our positioning. Product development fundamentally evolves around new value creation. Let’s cut the crap and orient all energy and talent towards that, shall we?

2021, bring it on!

About Panenco

We were founded in 2014 and we’ve organically grown into a tight team of 30 people, on a mission…

In the past 6 years, we built over 40 digital products from the ground up in co-creation with industry experts. We typically start from a blank sheet of paper to define a digital transformation trajectory from the initial strategy and product definition towards software delivery at scale. We love to join forces with entrepreneurial people from organisations large and small (SME, scale-ups, corporates, VCs, ..) who are not shy of challenging the existing practices in their sector. We serve as a strategic and technical ‘compagnon de route’ for the product development journey, through the highs and the lows.

Our headquarters is located in Leuven, Belgium and we have a dedicated nearshore team in Kyiv, Ukraine

About our portfolio

We’re active in a variety of industries including healthcare, legal, supply chain, auditing, online education and energy. We published multiple (non-NDA) cases in the past year, with many more coming up:

With QIT online, we’re defining the digitalisation of a layered domain: psychotherapy. We’re beyond proud of its significant growth as it turned out to be the right product at the right time in 2021. Mental health has always been the odd man in the health industry and it has been underserved for years when it comes to digital solutions. With QIT we materialised years of scientific research into a digital product that serves all parties involved in therapy practices.

We diligently worked on the foundations and algorithms of CleverKids, an ambitious e-learning platform for children aged 6 to 12, with special attention to learning difficulties and disorders. Curious to see how broadly we’ll be able to scale CleverKids in the upcoming months and years.

We’re just as proud of the many other realisations from the past year(s). Many initiatives are still under NDA or haven’t been publicly announced yet. We’ll be doing this in due time.

Let us conclude with a big thank you to all our partners for the opportunities given to dive deep into new industries and to co-create valuable products, ventures and (new) businesses.

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Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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