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QIT online hits 15.000 users

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Jordi Vandenhouwe
Product manager

QIT online, our portfolio product for psychotherapists and psychologists just hit 15.000 users! This is a milestone that we are especially proud of and we would like to share some insights on how we got here.How it started.Founded in 2013 by Nele Stinckens, QIT online started out as a research instrument to explore how feedback mechanisms can help to improve the therapeutic relationship. In 2018, we structurally partnered with Nele to speed up the software development efforts and turn QIT online from a research instrument into a digital product for psychotherapists where they could manage their client records, place feedback at the center of their treatment paths, and choose from a library of therapeutic instruments that are brought together in a transparent trajectory.

While keeping a focus on steady organic growth and working on product-market fit, QIT online grew from 1.000 users in 2018 to over 5.000 at the end of 2020. The newly announced quality act of 2022, legally anchoring the requirement for mental health workers to store records digitally, recently boosted the number of users on QIT online. This led to an acceleration of the adoption rate of QIT online to the point where today, over 1.000 therapists are using the product for the treatment of over 14.000 clients.

QIT online user growth
QIT online user growth

What we’ve learned along the way.

Given our intense involvement in QIT online on all product dimensions, the journey so far has proven to be a continuous learning experience for us as a digital product studio. While initially focussing on process and outcome monitoring as well as psychodiagnostic functionalities, we set up a continuous feedback mechanism to further determine our product roadmap. Driven by the input of our early adopters, we started broadening our scope to facilitate caretakers with an all-in-one platform for their day-to-day work. This resulted in the inclusion of a wide range of health record (EHR / EPD) functionalities.Mental health is a complex domain that is subject to significant regulation.

Therefore, we recently adapted QIT online to comply with the requirements of the new Belgian quality law. Quite some changes were made from a software perspective to abide by this law while it simultaneously led to an influx of new therapists that were equally preparing for the upcoming regulations. This also means we constantly have to raise our quality and security standards, including the ISO 27001 certification process that we are currently going through.In order to serve the QIT online user community, we embedded the customer success and growth marketing efforts within our core product delivery.

Users and prospects should drive the product roadmap, so we listened to them closely and captured their input in many different ways. This concretely included automated user onboarding, user education and a dedicated support team to ensure we reduce entry barriers for therapists and help them along the way of adopting QIT online in their practice.As a product studio, we are eagerly applying these learnings and best practices to other portfolio products and vice versa. By constantly refining our product principles, we continue our quest towards a proven process from idea to product success.

What is next?

We have an exciting roadmap lined up for QIT online as a product and as a company. We'll continue refining and expanding the existing feature set, while creating new therapeutic instruments in close cooperation with research partners such as the KU Leuven. This will allow us to further develop the platform and advance QIT online in the world of digital therapeutics.A lot of exciting work ahead and with a dedicated product team that is giving its best on QIT online, we're already aiming for the 30.000 mark!Want to know more about QIT online? Check out https://www.qit.online.

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