Shaping the future of work with Xwork

Monday, March 14, 2022
Jordi Vandenhouwe
Product manager

Want to help us shape the future of working? That’s the question Thierry Janssen of Xwork asked us in October when looking for a partner to develop their remote working platform. With our strong remote culture at Panenco, we felt like an ideal match to bring this product to life.

Xwork aims to bridge the gap between companies and co-working spaces. By allowing employees to directly book the co-working space of their preference, companies can provide multiple work location options to their workforce while keeping budget under control.

In about 5 months, we went from definition phase to an initial lovable product currently being tested in a proof of concept run at some of Belgium's biggest companies.

We’re looking forward to the official release of Xwork and are glad to be part of this journey. Check out for more info!

Xwork - product screens

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