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The benefits of working with a digital product studio

Friday, August 4, 2023
Johan Haest
Engineering manager

When building a new digital product or venture, you’re fighting an uphill battle. With our product studio model we make sure to cover all potential pitfalls leveraging our experienced team, proven quality principles and a systematic approach to go from an idea towards a scalable digital product. Helping you to maximise your return on investment.

Digital products are hard to get right

More often than not digital products fail to reach the objectives set forth at the start of the development process. They don’t achieve the predefined targets and miss to solve the problem they were initially designed for. Or worse, the product or platform does not even go-live and get stuck in the development stage. The various thresholds and obstacles that need to be overcome when creating a digital product are plenty. And getting all aspects right is hard.

According to CB insights only 14% of digital products and platforms achieve the predefined goals and thus product-market-fit. Here are the main reasons:

  • Market: products need to meet end-user demands and truly adapt to the needs of the consumer
  • Team: product teams need the best players from the get-go with a variety of skills
  • Quality: if your product doesn't live up to the highest quality standards, customers will churn and great engineers will leave
  • Regulatory: modern digital products need to comply with increasingly complex regulation regarding regarding information security
  • Budget: digital products require significant budgets to get a fighting chance, yet building up lasting revenue takes time

A digital product studio knows how to create successful products

Fast and effective product development with experienced teams

We're a team of all-star software engineers, designers and product managers that has been working together for over 9 years. We take our experience from one product development track onto the next, saving significant time and budget. Our refined operating model ensures that the right people with the right expertise will be involved at exactly the right time.

In a spirit of entrepreneurship

Product development is an uphill battle. We understand and honour the risks you're taking. Our result based partnership ensures concrete delivery based on predefined success metrics (or Objectives and Key Results). We help you set these up and validate them. We put our money where our mouth is and will make sure to adhere to these predefined metrics as well as the budget you set forth. Making sure your product achieves the desired Return on Investment (ROI) and is ready to scale.

Giving products the foundations to scale

We help you find product-market fit with a product that's ready to grow. On the technical dimension we leverage years of certified cloud expertise to set up a scalable infrastructure, while on the operational side we find the fastest track to an industry-compliant setup with the necessary legal-, security- and quality checks in place, formalised in an Information Security Management System (ISMS) under ISO27001 controls.

Panenco’s success ingredients

  1. High talent density: a tight team with strong computer science fundamentals and multiple PhDs
  2. Experienced team: over the past 9 years we have developed over 20 successful products for our clients
  3. Product mindset: our teams focus on the end-users and continuously iterate working towards product-market fit. Fast.
  4. Relentless focus on quality: always focussing on latest developments and technologies, continuously improving the capabilities of our teams.
  5. An entrepreneurial spirit: we understand an honour the risks you're taking, you set the course and we'll move mountains

Let’s build together in close partnership

Don’t hesitate to reach out to shape your next product innovation or technical refinement roadmap.
Write to us at hello@panenco.com

Let's build!

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial digital partner?
Reach out to hello@panenco.com.

Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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