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Building a SaaS platform to map out cognitive patterns of employees

Product innovation
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About the client

AlterEdu is a start-up that has its foundations in Tanika Kenens’ PhD on cognitive patterns and competencies. With their SaaS product, they’re on a mission to map out employee competencies in enterprise environments.

The challenge

Besides the research foundations, nearly everything was yet to be defined. Our key challenge was to find a structured way to go from research to revenue: turning academic concepts into a marketable product.

Our approach

After numerous workshops, we formalised the product specifications in a designed prototype along with the application architecture. Once the product definition was validated with users, we gathered a dedicated product team to set up the cloud infrastructure and build the software platform.

With support of

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The Panenco team did a magnificent job translating my ideas into reality. We were in dire need of an entrepreneurial partner to bring our dream from the research stage towards business viability. Panenco empathised strongly with our objectives and gave it their all, every step of the way.

Tanika Kenens (PhD)

Founder & CEO AlterEdu

In summary

We love being involved early in these types of product innovation trajectories. Tanika’s scientific background combined with our refined product development methodology was and is a dream combo!

We wish the AlterEdu team the very best of luck as they are driving the go-to-market of this technology. We’ll gladly keep supporting you every step of the way.

Sebastiaan Viaene
Engineering manager
Fred Versyck
Product manager

Let's build!

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial digital partner?
Reach out to hello@panenco.com.

Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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