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Building a digital bridge between talents and employers

Product innovation
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About the client

Crossbridge is a recruitment and advisory firm for talent. They noticed that people often struggle with fully understanding where their strengths lie and what they look for in a (new) career. Furthermore, employers often find it difficult to find the right people for the right job. We partnered with Crossbridge and academic partner prof. Eva Kyndt in 2017 to define a digitalization trajectory turning their experience, client base, and scientific research into a new product and revenue stream.

The challenge

Crossbridge decided to launch a new product called myCareerCompanion: a digital career mentor throughout the entire trajectory from hire to retire, allowing people to assess their skills and interests while also discovering the type of job functions and company cultures they would thrive in. We were tasked with making this dream a reality.

Our approach

We started off with a systematic product definition trajectory to formalise all functional and technical requirements. Afterwards we brought a dedicated product team together with a blend of people from their side and ours, with a mandate to build new features, releasing early and often.

With support of

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For the past several years we’ve had a strong partnership with Panenco, the kind where it feels like you’re on the same team. Being able to work alongside industry experts, in every domain of product engineering, and being challenged on our (IT-)strategy roadmap with a genuine interest in our business, made it possible to let the myCareerCompanion platform grow from scratch to where it is today.

Sofie Priem

Product owner

In summary

The Crossbridge team placed tremendous trust in us to realise their digital transformation ambitions. Starting from a blank piece of paper, we systematically guided them through the product development process.

We wish the whole myCareerCompanion team the very best of luck as they further expand across Europe. We’ll be happy to keep supporting you in every way possible.

Jordi Vandenhouwe
Product manager
Sebastiaan Viaene
Engineering manager

Let's build!

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial digital partner?
Reach out to hello@panenco.com.

Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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