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Remote patient monitoring through digital treatment pathways

Product innovation

Carey is an innovative SaaS platform tailored to the healthcare industry, allowing doctors and other medical practitioners to monitor patients remotely by integrating biomarker data and visualising treatment journeys in interpretable pathways. The vision behind Carey is to turn the whole medical world from a reactive approach into a proactive, data-driven approach. Carey was originally founded as a startup company that struggled to find commercial traction; we acquired all of the product IP and we’re committed to building out this platform further and making a dent in the healthcare industry. In this case study we describe our involvement and operating model.

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The healthcare industry is fairly resistant to change and any practical implementation needs to live up to the highest security guarantees. In principle all doctors agree with the premise that digital technologies can add great value in treatment processes. Our challenge was and is to make this a reality and build a viable business.


After acquiring the product IP, we refreshed the technical setup completely, adopting a cloud-native architecture and upgrading all versioning of the software. Currently we’re shaping a longer term roadmap, making sure we’re tweaking the product in the right way for the right user audience.


We gathered a dedicated team consisting of a product manager, designer and multiple software engineers to continuously upgrade the existing codebase and build new features on our roadmap. We keep balancing development speed with the necessary quality and security assurances.

This product setup is an atypical trajectory for us since we’re not only taking ownership over the product development activities, but the go-to-market as well. We firmly believe in a product-led growth model in this industry: building software loved by patients and practitioners. We’re fully committed to turning Carey into a success story, step by step!

Stefanos Peros
Software engineer
Jordi Vandenhouwe
Product manager

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Egwin Avau
Founding CEO
Koen Verschooten
Operations manager

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