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About the position

You’re a creative person with an engineering mindset. You love to take a central role within:

  • Product definition: defining an initial product version that will allow assumption validation
  • Product development: supporting the delivery team in their decision making
  • Growth efforts: aiming to structurally embed growth dynamics into the product

We provide some further insight into our methodology on our principles website page.

You thrive in a context where end users are the true indicators of the product roadmap and functional decisions. You like to be a part of the end-to-end spectrum of the product development process: from initial ideation until sustainable operations at scale.

You can count on our strong team of product managers, designers, software engineers and growth marketeers to support you throughout complex delivery trajectories.

Our product design chapter is headed by Oleksandr Kanskyi who’s core role is facilitating our overall product design methodology with very close team involvement and joint decision making.

Tooling and required skills
  • 1-2 years experience in design of web applications
  • Understanding of UX design principles
  • Experience with Figma
  • Keen eye for details and high-quality designs that suit specific purpose
  • Strong experience in interactive prototyping with reusable components
  • Understanding of HTML & CSS limitations will be a plus
  • Create/simplify existing product architecture or create it from scratch
  • Create wireframes, visual mockups, and interactive prototypes
  • Communicate with the development team to set up supporting processes
  • Perform competitor research
  • Generate data-driven hypothesis from analytics
We offer

We offer a friendly, stable working environment with a strong team ready to help out where needed. Building healthy team communication and mentoring are the foundations of our learning environment.

During our Panenco Labs sessions we share experiences from the various products that we're building, across different specialty domains. Everyone has the ability to improve the design process in weekly design chapter workshops.

A fair compensation, home workplace arrangement, language/sport expenses are included of course!

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