Software engineer (back-end)

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About our software engineering position

Our team has strong computer science fundamentals and a clear entrepreneurial drive. We’re always looking for passionate engineers to take on impactful product-driven assignment and inspire fellow teammates.

In summary, you'll become an integral part of:

  • A varied portfolio of rapidly growing web and data products
  • A healthy mix of green field initiatives and established (yet recent) codebases
  • A refined operating model that prioritises technical excellence
  • Company-wide initiatives to continuously optimise our technical setup

We’ll expect you to be a constructive team player in a specific product team, while also contributing to our technical principles across all back-end-end activities. You grasp the product development process, underpinned by modern operational delivery principles. On a daily basis you'll assess product objectives and turn user stories into functioning software together with our front-end engineers.

Core role:

APIs: fundamentally grasp the mechanisms of REST APIs and you have a solid understanding of alternatives approaches (GraphQL and others)

Programming languages and frameworks: experience in building APIs with at least one language / framework and a deep understanding of that language (i.e. C# (.NET), PHP (Symfony), JS / TS (Node), Python (Django))


  • Solid SQL understanding and hands-on experience
  • Knowledge of the differentiators between relational / non-relational DBs


  • Technical design: drawing up conceptual architectural schema’s
  • Data modelling: ability to be part of database schema discussions
  • Heavy load: a notion of stress testing principles and performance at scale
  • Microservices: technical considerations leading up to proper decisions

Continuous integration: experience with continuous integration tools like Github actions, Azure pipelines or CircleCi


  • Hands-on experience with GCP, AWS or Azure in a production setting
  • Cost calculation considerations


  • Unit tests: covering small fractions of the code in an efficient manner
  • Integration tests: grasp and cover full application flows
  • Test coverage tracking: keeping oversight over coverage and quality
  • Language skills: solid reading and speaking skills in English required
  • Thought leadership: you love to share your learnings with our back-end chapter
As a plus:

Data management and engineering:

  • Data migrations: experience with complex data migrations and transfers
  • Preprocessing: assisting others in setting up proper data pipelines
  • Data science affinity: understanding of data-driven use cases

Front-end affinity: you have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of a front-end application and you can tailor the API endpoints towards maximum efficiency

We offer

We offer a friendly, dynamic and inspiring working and learning environment with a strong team ready to help out where needed. During our weekly Panenco Labs sessions, we share experiences from the various products that we're building across different specialty domains.

A fair compensation, office snacks, and after-work entertainment are included of course!


Leuven, Belgium

Address: Hyphen One - Kolonel Begaultlaan 1A/51, 3012 Leuven

Kyiv, Ukraine

Address: 123 Peremohy avenue, office number 520

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