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About our software engineering position (front-end)

We’re looking for passionate software engineers who will focus on the (React) front-end dimension of products across our portfolio.

Our team has solid computer science foundations. We’re looking for engineers who love the www and demonstrate a product mindset.

A personal portfolio will make you blend right in. We love to learn from each other and share experiences, especially about wild side-projects.

Technologies and required skills

We’ll expect you to be a constructive team player in a specific product squad, while also contributing to our technical principles across all front-end activities. You grasp the product development process, underpinned by modern delivery principles.

  • Typescript: in-depth understanding of ES5.1 + ES6
  • React: React components state and lifecycle, Context API, Hooks
  • REST: fundamentally grasp the concept of (REST) APIs and how to interface with them
  • State management: experience with various state managers (React Query, Redux, Zustand, or others). Ability to weigh pro’s and con’s.
  • Design systems: familiar with React based UI (MUI, Atlassian UI, etc)
  • Styling: familiar with CSS-in-JS (styled-components or other CSS-in-JS approaches), experience with SASS/SCSS
  • Testing: experience with Cypress or similar frameworks and related CI
  • Module bundlers: experience with Webpack (or Rollup)
  • Language skills: solid reading and speaking skills in English
  • Async programming: promises API, async/await, await hell, top-level await limitations
  • JS browser API: localstorage, familiar with Event Loop, macrotask and microtasks
  • Accessibility: awareness of WCAG, screen readers cases, keyboard navigation, static/interactive elements
  • Browsers: cross-browser compatibility and client-side performance considerations
As a plus
  • Experience in virtualization technologies and microservices (Docker)
  • Skills in back-end technologies (Node.js, Python or any other)
  • Skills in (non) relational databases
  • SSR and experience in Next.js
We offer

We offer a friendly, dynamic and inspirational working environment with a strong team ready to help out where needed. During our weekly Panenco Labs sessions we share experiences from the various products that we're building, across different industries.

A fair compensation, office snacks and fun afterwork drinks are included of course!

Operational setup
  • You become an integral part of a specific product team within our company
  • You'll work under close guidance from the product manager who will set out the operational and functional direction
  • Our front-end chapter lead will be your main point of contact for the product-setup and technical specifics across the portfolio

Leuven, Belgium

Address: Hyphen One - Kolonel Begaultlaan 1A/51, 3012 Leuven

Kyiv, Ukraine

Address: 123 Peremogy avenue, office number 520

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